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Our Why

Evolve in its infancy started as a dream. A dream of creating something that can, by definition of its name, evolve into the best version of itself. The dream was dreamt to be dynamic, continually changing and freely willing to change. Defined by value added to people’s lives.

Evolve Engineers

We started as a lubricant distributor, distributing what remains one of the world’s prime quality and most trusted lubricants. For us this was not enough. We wanted to be more. We wanted to be worth more to our community, surroundings and to the world. Evolve Lubricants evolved and grew into what the very seeds of it was planted to become. We wanted to provide a monitoring and control service to our clients that can be held to the highest standards. This is what Evolve Lubricants continually aims to achieve to this day.

From this slow start Evolve Engineer Group was formed to be the guidance of our divisions. The team at Evolve Engineer Group has one single aim, to lead our division teams through utmost integrity, transparency, trust, and truth. Evolve Engineer Group is and never will be static. We will change, expand and grow, we will live out our name, but our aim remains our value foundation.

Our divisions, their products and services are our pride when we exceed and fulfil our customer expectations.

About Us

Who We Are

The brand name idea of Evolve was born in the mind of one of its founding members many years before he went on to become an engineer. Many years before he had the maturity and spirit to start Evolve Engineer Group.

It took a lot of growth, experience and meeting amazing people before the trigger could ever pe pulled to start what Evolve became.

Founders Leon van Oudtshoorn and Dewald Brummer

We are a couple of friends who met each other while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria.

After receiving our degrees and spending a while in industry, we decided we want to take a chance at flying solo and in doing so we discovered what we set out to do and what Evolve became is actually much more. We discovered a depth and responsibility we did not expect but found ourselves equal to the challenge.

Evolve Engineer Group started to take form by itself driven by something much greater than ourselves bringing forth and establishing in Evolve our very best values.

We have not looked back since starting Evolve with a moment’s regret and we take immense pride in that we are building Evolve on the set of values that we have shared from day one.

Our divisions are driven by people with inspired passionate ideas. If the idea inspires us with you and we can together evolve it towards something… We will meet up, we invite and welcome inspired engineering-based ideas, contact us.

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